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I need to rewatch this game before a full-scale recap

But my God, did Tapscott really try to play Antawn Jamison or Dominic McGuire at center down the stretch?  Is he really surprised when David Lee scores at will around the rim?

It's like Tap's trying to lose games at this point.  Sixteen minutes for Andray Blatche is inexcusable, even if he began the game with a couple dumb fouls.  At least we didn't see much of Darius Songaila at center.

The good news is that the Critt-Young backcourt seems to work really well.  For all the talk about our lack of an interior presence, the backcourt going forward is a big concern, particularly if Gilbert doesn't return to form.  Having Critt and Nick show they can contribute down the road is imperitave. 

More later.