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Pollin': Would you sign this man?

In last week's discussion about Andray Blatche's ceiling, 38% of you pegged him as a borderline All-Star, which was about what I was expecting. The Lamar Odom/(very) poor man's Hakeem comparisons sound about right.

This week's question is a simple one. We've talked about some players that we could sign with our last remaining roster spot. Today I'd like to introduce another player into the mix:

David Kalb. (HT: joshp)

Now I know you're probably thinking "Here goes Jake one of his stupid ideas again. Any average joe could beat LeBron in a game of horse if they all of their life to practice a few trick shots that LeBron has no time dilly-dally with while he works on things like being the best player in the league, a global icon, scary, etc." And you know what, you're exactly right. Even bringing Kalb in for a workout would be a colossal waste of money. But let's not forget that the Wizards have exceled in wasting money.

In that spirit, let's look at some of the reasons why this wouldn't be the biggest waste of money ever:

  • Having somebody (anybody!) that has experience beating LeBron in anything (anything!) couldn't hurt.
  • If he could give a few minutes a night, the Wizards could turn it into a Disney movie 30 years from now.


  • Brian Cardinal is making $6.3 million to play basketball this season. Would a veteran's minimum contract be the worst thing in the world?
  • Every good team needs one bad player to sit on the sideline and be the bench mascot for the team. Call it the Scalabrine role.
  • Keith Van Horn got over $4 million to not play basketball last season. Again, would a veteran's minimum contract be the worst thing in the world?
  • Well, with Dave Hopla's help, he could maybe get somewhat decent from behind the arc...