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To all new Yahoo readers

Welcome!  You're undoubtedly here because Kelly Dwyer, only the best sportswriter in the history of Western civilization (only a very slight exaggeration. Seriously) has deemed Bullets Forever to be the best Wizards blog on the 'Net.  Such praise means a lot, especially coming from someone who epitimizes everything right about sportswriting (doesn't take himself too seriously, makes nuianced, complete points, backs everything up with tons of evidence, tireless worker, junkie, I could go on and on).  I'm truly honored by the kind words.

But before you're done with your curiosity glance, I just want to remind you of a few things that'll hopefully encourage you to stick around.

  • We're more than just a blog, we're a community.  I may be the founder and editor, but I'm hardly the only voice.  We have two outstanding contributing writers who both deserve tons of praise.  JakeTheSnake has been around for over a year now, dropping the funny on this zany club.  He's funnier than I could ever be.  Truthaboutit, meanwhile, received a well-deserved shoutout in the Yahoo post, but his game blogs, strong writing and upbeat attitude has boosted this site ever since he came aboard last February.  When you get a chance, click the link on their posting names to see the stuff they've done.
  • We also have a steady number of commenters who add to the discussion.  The nature of the SB Nation blogging platform allows you to register and begin interacting with tons of other Wizards fans.  All you need to do is provide a username, password and your e-mail address and you're all set to comment and take advantage of what the platform has to offer.  You can also use the FanPosts section to write your own blog posts and the FanShot section to post any links, quotes or video you find interesting. 
  • We do have some community standards, but in general, as long as you're respectful of other posters and don't spam, anything goes.    
  • I'd like to think that each writer offers a different type of perspective to the site.  When you see posts by Jake, they're going to have a different tone than posts I write.  That means that we're a place for all types of Wizards fans, whether you eat and sleep Wizards hoops or just think Gilbert Arenas is funny.  BF is a place for all of you.

Any questions, feel free to comment or e-mail me, Jake or Truthaboutit.  Our e-mails are on the side of the page.

Welcome aboard!