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Open thread: Now what

I don't have eons of time right now to think about this right now, so I figured I'd open the thread up to you guys. 

How do the Wizards pick up the slack without Gilbert for two months?  Who needs to step up?  How do you think they should play?  Does the team need another guard?  If so, who's out there that's realistic to sign. 

There are undoubtedly more questions, but again, I'm heading out the door, so discuss them in the comments. 

My gut reaction is that signing another guard would probably be a good idea, but it's by no means a slam-dunk decision.  It should be pretty easy to find anybody, since this offense doesn't require specialization among the guards.  It's imperitave to distribute the load more evenly than last time as well.  Caron Butler and Antawn Jamison carried too much of it and both really broke down by the end of the season.  Play slow, but give Brendan more touches, run more screen-and-roll with Antonio Daniels and one of the reserve bigs, something to get everyone involved.

I'm not worried that we'll survive...we survived last year and we start with a pretty easy schedule, but I worry that if Butler and Jamison don't get enough rest, they'll break down when Gilbert (hopefully) comes back.