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Pollin': Five Bucks


(AP/Morry Gash)

Last week, you made it clear that signing David Kalb, even for the most minimum of minimum of contracts would be a waste of money.

This week, we again come to a question regarding money well spent. Before we talk about the actual purchase, let's make some thing clear so that we avoid any confusion later down the road:

  1. This cost me $5 and I get it for an entire year. Keep in mind with that 5 bucks I could've purchased a gallon of gas or a Big Mac and some fries.
  2. Super Bowl ads go for $2.6 million and they only get 30 seconds of satisfaction, so don't even try to argue that I'm wasting money.
  3. I got the idea for this purchase from the Daily Norseman.
  4. The hardest part of the decision was whether to use a period or an exclamation point.
  5. Nothing that you can say will convince that I wasted $5 on this. Nothing.

Now that you know that, would you agree that this (if you don't see it, look at the yellow part) is the best $5 that I've ever spent?