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Pollin': Juan More Year?

In a tight vote, 38% of you said that you thought that Kwame would not be a success in Detroit, with "Where's the cake?" taking 2nd with 31% of the vote, and yes rounding out the field with 29%. Of course, as we all know any vote cast by a Wizard with $111 million dollar contract and a great blog is worth 10% of the vote, so the yes vote wins out.

For this week's question, we're going to focus on another player that Gilbert talked about in his most recent blog, Juan Dixon. Here's what he had to say:

Juan is one of those players out there that needs a team, because he can really help out with scoring. He needs a team to just let him play. I’ve played with a lot of players in my time in the league, and he has to be one of the top five I’ve played with in terms of points per minute. He’s just a high volume scorer. If you gave him 40-plus minutes of playing time, he’d give you 20-plus points per game average. He’s like a bigger Ben Gordon. We’ll see where he ends up. I’ll take him back in D.C. right now.

As you all know, the Wizards have one roster spot left and enough space under the luxury tax to sign one vet to a minimum contract. Obviously, Juan would fit that criteria. More than likely, Juan would serve as a fill-in for when/if a guard goes down. Presumably, if the Wiz did sign him, he'd be on the IL when everyone is healthy. That might not sound like a lot, but for a one year, minimum contract deal, that's normally about all that you're going to get unless, of course, Bonzi comes to D.C.

So there you have it. We know what Gilbert thinks, but what the rest of you? Before you vote, take this highlight package into consideration: