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The official Olympics thread

Editor's Note: Here's your post-game reaction thread for the Gold Medal game.  I watched a good chunk of it late last night, and I have to say, it was probably the best Olympic game I've ever seen.  The quality of play was just spectacular all the way around.  It definitely made me a little sad, though, to see Juan Carlos Navarro play so well. 

If you haven't watched the game and don't want to know what happened, steer away from this thread.  -PM

With only one Wizard (Darius Songaila) playing for his home country in the Beijing Olympics, I wasn't planning on having too much coverage on this site.  To me, it seems akin to spending two weeks analyzing other NBA teams, and while that happens from time to time, this is first and foremost a Wizards blog.

Still, it is basketball and many of you are going to be watching, so we can't be completely silent when it comes to the Olympic Games.  Therefore, I'm opening this thread for any discussion about the lead-up to Beijing and the Olympics themselves. 

For more Olympic coverage, I strongly encourage folks to check out At The Hive and Green Bandwagon, who have been writing biographies for each of the teams.