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Gilbert likes gold, likes red, white, and blue even better

A lot of the focus from Gilbert's radio appearance has been on his talk of possibly doing a reality TV Show.  But since that's probably a bad idea anyway, instead let's focus on this exchange about their opinions of the team's uniforms.  Since they obviously got the idea to ask the question from us...or something like that.



In case you can't listen, here are the highlights:

  • Gilbert likes the gold uniforms much, much more than the blue ones.
  • He'd like to see the team go to a red, white, and blue color scheme if not re-adopt the Bullets package altogether.
  • He says that "the girls" (the Mystics) want to go red, white, and blue as well, even though they've never had those colors in their team history.
  • He says that the team is going to wearing Zephyrs throwbacks next season, so get used to seeing this next season:


Of course, the shorts will be longer, but you get the idea of what they'll look like.  If anyone has some more pictures of the Chicago Zephyr uniforms, please leave a comment or e-mail us.  For now, let's just hope that Gilbert can use the $16 million that he passed up as leverage to get the team to go back to the red, white, and blue in the not-so-distant future.