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Pollin': Gold Rush or Gold Flush?

With 35% of the vote, Andre Iguodala gets the nod as the player that would be taken had the Jamison trade fallen through in 2004. Personally, I would've taken Deng and the upside, but you really can't go wrong either way.

Now, for this week's question we take a look at something that was talked about a lot, a few years back with opinions on the matter as wide and varied as anything you'll see come this November. I'm talking, of course, about our alternate gold uniforms.


(via the always awesome

In the days and weeks after the uniforms were unveiled, some called the new threads the best in the NBA. Others said that they were unequivocably the worst uniforms in the league. And then there were those that thought the uniforms were part of a secret marketing campaign.

Now that we've had a few years to get used to the new uniforms and what it's like watching them worn on TV and in person, I want to bring up the issue once more.


  • The gold uniforms are among the most recognizable to fans and are one of (if not the) most unique uniforms in the NBA.
  • The Wizards have had a lot of good moments in the gold uniforms. Would moments like these have felt the same if they had been wearing blue that night?




  • The gold uniform has already been immortalized on a video game cover:


  • Wizards always wear gaudy stuff, right?


  • It looks much better on some than it does others...


  • The uniforms can make people start to think about this:


  • Or even worse, this:


  • Is it ever good when your uniform is compared to a battery?
  • If Wizards Management decided to go with Gold Out next season instead of a White Out, TV viewership would plummet to XFL levels.

So what say you Wizards fans? Are the alternate jerseys worth keeping around, or should their next appearance be on the clearance rack?