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A brief history of lip syncing


Some of you are probably looking at that title and wondering what lip syncing has to do with has to do with the Wizards.  Others are probably looking at that picture and thinking to themselves "Boy, Etan Thomas has really let himself go.  And when did he win a Grammy???

I can assure that the answers to all of your questions will be answered, but in order to do that, we need to first have an understanding of how the art of singing without actually singing has developed and changed over the years.

November 21st, 1990: Milli Vanilli owns up to lip syncing during their concerts and not singing a single note on their albums.

October 23rd, 2004: Ashlee Simpson gets busted on Saturday Night Live for lip syncing when her song begins and her lips are moving.  Oops.

November 4th, 2005: Two teenagers from China upload this now famous video of themselves lip syncing to the Backstreet Boys.  To date, the video has been viewed over 7 million times.

October 5th, 2007: Britney Spears attempts to make her comeback at the MTV Music Video Awards.  Decides for some reason that bad lip syncing and dancing is the best way to go about it.

Yesterday: A mini-controversy erupts when it's discovered that the girl that was sang at the opening ceremony for the Olympics was actually lip syncing a song that was sung by another girl.

Today: DeShawn Stevenson does this, and this.

Needless to say, lip syncing will never be the same again.