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A couple more things you may not have known about the Summer League roster

In typical fashion, right after I posted about this year's summer league team the Wizards announce that one more player has been added to the team.  Since the last thing we want to do is leave you in the dark, here's some info on the last second addition.

Jason Rich (Florida State): The Seminole guard started all 4 years in college, quite the accomplishment given the level of talent that he was playing against in the ACC.  Accoridng to his FSU athletics bio, he played in Jordan Capital Classic after his senior year of high school, so clearly the talent is there.  His bio also mentions that he won the Charlie Ward Outstanding Defensive Player of the Year Award in 2006 and the Bob Sura Outstanding Offensive Player of Year Award in 2008.  Let's hope Rich can duplicate Ward's defensive prowess and Sura's offensive ability next week.


Now that we've covered that, here's some other news and notes for today:

  • David Thorpe released his first edition of the Rookie 50 for this year's class.  Javale McGee came in 30th with this being the first sentence of his analysis: "The D-League was made for players like McGee."  Awesome.
  • What can't Gilbert do for his family with $111 million that he could do with $127 million?  Buy this.
  • Going through the Gilbert Arenas negotiations can make you forget how tight-lipped negotiations typically are.  This should help bring you back to reality.
  • If, by chance, Ernie Grunfeld ends up signing Darius Miles to the Wizards this season, it's probably just because he wants to mess with Portland.  Not that I personally would advocate such actions (shifty eyes), I'm just pointing it out.