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Summer Project: Narrowing it down

Editor's Note: I'm going to bump this post back to the top for the weekend so people can sign up for vacancies they wish to fill.  Just put your name down in the comments section. -PM

Thanks to everyone for brainstorming names for our Summer Project.  As I should have expected, you all listed lots of different names of players who had varying degrees of success as a Bullet/Wizard.  That kind of makes it hard to define any sort of criteria, but again, I should have expected that.

So rather than cut out players that you all would be interested in writing/reading about simply because they don't fit some sort of loose criteria, I've decided to list all the players we brainstormed and let anyone do their write-ups.  This won't be a countdown like our ongoing Top 20 list, so I'm not going to rule out any player if there's someone out there who wishes to write about them.  So long as the player isn't on our Top 20 countdown, anyone who wishes can write about them. 

Below is a list of every player mentioned even once in the comments section of the brainstorming post.  Use this space to "sign up" to write a profile about as many or as few of these players as you like.  These should mirror the styles of the players on our Top 20 countdown, but there's a large degree of leeway.  They can be any length and utilize any visual tools you'd like.  The only thing I ask is that you make the posts personal in some way.  Display how said player has affected your fandom specifically, because those make for the best write-ups.

All this means, though, is that those who sign up do need to follow through.  You can do so at any point you like before the season, because unlike the Top 20 countdown, you aren't dependent on someone else finishing before you.  There's no order to these.  You can either write a FanPost that I'll promote or e-mail me your profile.

Here's the list, with a few additions.  I'm going to try to sort them by time period.  If you want anyone here, say so in the comments and I'll list your name next to the player.


  • Bob Ferry
  • Bailey Howell
  • Don Ohl


  • Greg Ballard
  • Thomas Henderson
  • Charles Johnson
  • Jimmy Jones
  • Mitch Kupcheck
  • Kevin Porter (the 21st-best of all-time)
  • Mike Riordan
  • Nick Weatherspoon
  • Larry Wright

80s (aka the era of mediocrity)

  • Muggsy Bogues
  • Dudley Bradley
  • Kenny Green
  • Frank Johnson
  • Charles Jones
  • Tom McMillan
  • Rick Mahorn
  • Truck Robinson
  • Mel Turpin
  • Darrell Walker - We Rite Goode
  • John "Hotplate" Williams - hotplate (duh)
  • Leon Wood

Late 80s/early 90s (aka the era of Coach Wes, or for the purposes of this project, the Golden Era)

Late 90s, aka the Webber/Howard era


  • Steve Blake
  • Calvin Booth - JakeTheSnake
  • Juan Dixon - DT711
  • Popeye Jones
  • Tyrone Nesby
  • Laron Profit
  • David Vanderpool
  • Jahidi White

If anyone wants to write about someone who isn't up there, go right ahead. 

Also, if anyone wants to do a write-up for the BF #6 Walt Bellamy, let me know and do so now.  Everyone else on that list is accounted for. 

Pick away!