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The thread to discuss free agency moves by other teams

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There was a flurry of activity this weekend, particularly with many of the restricted free agents.  Most free agents are now off the market.

I realize we didn't have a space here for anyone to comment on the moves by other teams, so that's what this post will do.  I'll constantly be updating this as players sign with new teams. 

Below the jump is a list of the free agent signings and key trades.


Big ones (above the mid-level):

  • Andris Biedrins: 6 years, 63 million with Golden State.
  • Monta Ellis: 6 years, 67 million with Golden State.
  • Corey Maggette: 5 years, 50 million with Golden State
  • Marcus Camby: Traded to the LA Clippers for a second-round draft pick
  • Baron Davis: 5 years, 65 million with the LA Clippers
  • Andrew Bogut: 5 years, 60 million guaranteed, with incentives for more with Milwaukee
  • Chris Paul: 3 years for the max, with a option for a fourth year with New Orleans.
  • Elton Brand: 5 years, 82 million with Philadelphia.
  • Jose Calderon: 5 years, 45 million with Toronto
  • Deron Williams: 3 years at the max with an option for a fourth year with Utah


Key deals below the mid-level

Key FAs still available

  • Josh Smith (restricted)
  • Emeka Okafor (restricted)
  • Luol Deng (restricted)
  • Ben Gordon (restricted)
  • Louis Williams (restricted)
  • Nenad Kristic (restricted)
  • J.R. Smith (restricted)
  • Delonte West (restricted)
  • Kwame Brown
  • Jannero Pargo
  • Ricky Davis
  • Shaun Livingston
  • Carl Landry (restricted)
  • Michael Finley
  • Devin Brown
  • Carlos Arroyo
  • Gordan Giriciek
  • Jason Williams
  • Kareem Rush
  • Fred Jones
  • Kirk Snyder
  • Walter Hermann
  • Juan Dixon
  • Quinton Ross
  • Juwan Howard
  • Francisco Elson
  • Damon Stoudamire