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I've seen God. He's a teenager from Italy.


A combination of utter boredom and thinking about this year's summer project got me thinking about one of my favorite curiosities of all-time, God Shammgod.

By now you've probably figured out that I do a lot of my thinking by hitting up the YouTubes and today was no exception.  Obviously, most of his highlights revolve around his famous crossover, the Shammgod.

It's a great move to use in a pickup game to create space and embarass your opponent. The thing is, it's a very high risk/reward move, so you don't see it used a lot on a competitive, professional level because if you mess it up you'll look even worse than your opponent would've had you pulled it off correctly.

Now, it can be debated how competitive and/or professional the Vegas Summer League is, but seeing Danilo Gallinari pulling off the Shammgod is a move in the right direction for society as a whole, in my opinion.