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Don't call it a comeback

If you've been keeping up with sports for more than six seconds over the last few weeks, than you're probably aware that a certain future Hall of Fame quarterback might be lacing them up again. 

Of course, Wizards fans know what it's like to deal with an all-time great trying to re-capture old glory, so we can empathize with what Brett's future team is going to go through.  But which fanbase is going to have it worse?  Let's take a look at whether or not Brett will be able to help his new team more than Michael did.

Favre Jordan Advantage
Age at start of comeback 38 38 Push
Number of retirements 1 2 (at the time) Brett

Player held hostage by the legend's return

Kwame Brown Aaron Rodgers Brett
How the previous season unfolded for the future HOFer.
Brett fell one game short of the Super Bowl, losing in the NFC Championship game to the Giants.
Unlike his playing days, MJ had to deal with a lot of losing after taking over as President of Basketball Operations in D.C.  The Wizards were among the worst teams in the NBA the year before Michael returned.
Culprit behind the failure of the previous season. Brett Favre. Michael Jordan. Push
Impact on attendance Most NFL stadiums can sell out their games whether it's Brett Favre behind center or Bret Michaels. Jordan immediately turned Wizard games into the must have ticket, both in D.C. and on the road.  Once he left, attendance reverted to pre-Jordan levels. Michael
Highlight play after coming out of retirement.
Probably doing something like this.
The Block/steal. Push
Biggest fans John Madden, Peter King, the state of Wisconsin. Ahmad Rashad, Stuart Scott, just about everyone that's ever picked up a basketball. Michael
Most memorable aspect of the "retirement" press conference The crying. Michael saying that he's "99.9 percent retired." Brett

When we look back on the Brett Favre saga in a few months, these judgments could be entirely different depending on the how the season goes, although I get the feeling that Brett will leave many of the same feelings with his new team that Michael did with ours.  But even if both of these legends don't have storybook endings to their careers, we always have the memories of when they were great.  Even if they were playing for our team: