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Evaluating everyone's Summer League performance in 10 words or less

Because brevity is the key to good writing...

Andray Blatche: Looks stronger.  Played inside more.  Still struggles finishing.

Dominic McGuire: Displayed mid-range game.  Still a tiger on the glass.

Nick Young: Very concerning performance.  Lacked explosion to change speeds and finish.

Dee Brown: Pushes the ball well.  Was a bit erratic.

JaVale McGee: Very raw, but when he looks good, he looks good.

Gary Forbes: Shot poorly.  Strong defender.  Good finisher.  Bad handles.

Vladimir Veremeeko: Knows how to play.  Too small and slow for NBA.

Jonathan Wallace: Good shooter.  Deceptively quick.  More of a combo guard.

Dontaye Draper: Erratic, poor shot selection, not a Princeton PG.

Frank Elegar: Athletic, plays extremely hard.  Should have received more minutes.

Taj McCullough: Barely noticed him.

Oleksiy Pecherov: Injury meant no buckets.