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The 2008 Summer League by the numbers

39-43 - The team's expected win-loss record based on point differential if the summer league had been 82 games long.

3 - Number of Wizards that shot 50% or higher from the field (Dee Brown, Frank Elegar, Dominic McGuire).

2.4 - The average number of assists per game by Dee Brown, tying him for the highest average on the team.  Who does he share that honor with?  Andray Blatche.

44.2% - Field goal percentage for the Wizards as a team.

40.5% - Field goal percentage of the Wizards' opponents.  Even though the Wizards shot nearly 4% better than their opponents, they ended up averaging six less points than their opponents.

35.2% - Nick Young's field goal percentage. it was the second the second lowest on the team.

28.0% - Gary Forbes' field goal percentage.

70.0% - Frank Elegar's field goal percentage.  Despite the large shooting percentage discrepancy, Elegar averaged 7.8 minutes less per game than Forbes.

0 - Number of shots made by Elegar in the second, third, and fourth game of the Summer League.  During that three game stretch, Elegar attempted only 2 shots in 21 minutes.

8 - Blocks recorded by JaVale McGee, tying him with Dominic McGuire for the most on the team.  McGee matched McGuire's mark despite playing 32 less minutes.

6 - Number of fouls picked up by Andray Blatche per game during the Summer League.

7:5 - Dontaye Draper's assist to turnover ratio.  Draper had the highest ratio on the team and was the only player to have more assists than turnovers.

1:9 - JaVale McGee's assist to turnover ratio.

42.9% - Nick Young's 3 point percentage, tying him with Dee Brown for the highest shooting percentage from beyond the arc.

1 - Double-double recorded by a Wizards player during the Summer League (Dominic McGuire vs. the Rockets).

For the players that had a good showing last week, I'd tell to keep building on what they've done so they can make an impact when the real season comes around.  For those that haven't had the best week of their life, just remember, what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.