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Well that wasn't the last memory we wanted...

Well, that was pretty much the worst quarter of basketball I've ever seen.  Everything was going pretty well prior to that point.  We weren't rebounding, but despite playing our bench guys more than usual, we were in the lead because we were shooting the ball exceptionally well.  Guys like Dontaye Draper and Frank Elegar were shining, playing like they wanted that roster spot they could potentially receive. 

All of that went haywire in the final 10 minutes.  I'm not even sure how to describe it, except for saying that our transition defense was pathetic.  Oh well.

I'll post more about what we can take away from the Summer League this week.  That includes some film study of guys like Nick Young (from the Cleveland game) and Dee Brown (from the Houston game).  I'll also take a look at JaVale McGee in today's game, so long as it remains archived on through tomorrow.

Until then, use this space for any observations about the entire week in Vegas.  I'll be back tomorrow.