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Open Thread: Summer League Game 5

Tonight, the Wizards' Summer League season comes to an end with a game against the Suns.  Other than seeing Darius Songaila playing for Lithuania in the Olympics next month, this will be the last chance that you'll get to see any Wizards in action until October.

I'm doubting that we'll see any dramatic revelations from Nick or JaVale tonight, but I'm still hopeful that I'm wrong.  If nothing else, we get to see more of Andray and Dominic doing their thing and we'll get a look at some of the players that have come through the college ranks in the local area with Jonathan Wallace, DJ Strawberry and Ekene Ibekwe all playing tonight.

This is an open thread, so discuss if a golden opportunity was missed by not using the headline "Tree gets the axe" for this article here.

Go (Summer)WIZARDS!