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Will he stay or will he go? The Results

Back on Monday, we ran the "Will he stay or will he go?" series where you could rate how confident you were that our three free agents would return for next season.  Of course, just hours after I posted the polls, Jamison had to throw a monkey wrench in the process by signing, but that's how it goes sometimes.

Today, I tallied up the votes and tried (emphasis on tried here people, I got my math skills at community college) to average them out to get an average confidence rating of the BF community for each of our free agents.  Here are the results, together with some notes of importance

Antawn Jamison: 82.8%

  • I forgot to close the poll after the Jamison deal was done, so the vote may be slightly skewed by some rogue voters, but in the end he still has less 100% votes that Gilbert, so I'm going to assume the damage was minimal.
  • Less than 12% of voters rated their confidence at less than 70%
  • 26% rated their confidence in Jamison's return in the 70-79% range, the highest percentage of any choice in the poll.
  • Nobody voted in the 0-9% range or the 10-19% range for Antawn.

Roger Mason: 30.8%

  • 73% of voters had their confidence in Roger's return at 39% or lower, with 19% having Roger at 0-9%.
  • The largest chunk of the pie goes to those who voted 10-19% range as they took 21% of the vote.
  • Roger received only one 100% vote.

Gilbert Arenas: 82.1%

  • 19% of you voted that you had 100% confidence (a.k.a. I agree with Roger) that Gilbert would be back next season, the highest percentage of votes for any player at 100%.
  • On the other end, 2% of you felt that there a 0-9% chance of Gilbert returning, which is higher than Antawn's percentage, but (much) lower than Roger's.
  • Less than 6% of voters had their confidence at lower than 50%.

So there you have it, we were ever so slightly more confident that Antawn would be back than we were with Gilbert, and it looks like it's played out that way, with Antawn getting his deal done and Gilbert seems to be a lock to be back, barring some unforseen revelation during his trip.  Just remember to take all of this information with a grain of salt.  After all, "people can come up with statistics to prove anything. 14% of people know that."