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Open Thread: Summer League game 3

My tape cut out a pretty big portion of the Philly game, so I haven't been able to type up notes from that one yet.  In light of the heavy postgame discussion, I've decided to focus on Nick Young's offense.  I'll try to get it done tomorrow. 

This is the thread for tonight's game against Cleveland.  Those viewing will get a look at J.J. Hickson, the man picked one spot after our own JaVale McGee.  Hickson's been pretty impressive in Summer League thus far.

This one's not on Comcast (it's being pre-empted by a Mystics game.  No really), and it's not on NBATV until 10:30, so says my TV.  Those watching live will probably have to do it on, and there's a 30-minute delay on that.

I'm out tonight, so I'm taping the NBATV broadcast and watching it tomorrow.  Let me know who I should track.  I'm hoping to do Oleksiy Pecherov, but it appears he'll miss yet another game.