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DeShawn + SLAM = ?


I have here in my hand a list of two hundred and five people that were known to the Secretary of State as being members of the Communist Party er...the latest issue of SLAM, that has the feature on DeShawn StevensonAs was mentioned in their preview, DeShawn did let his mouth rip.  It didn't reach overrated levels, but it's worth quoting on a blog that's specific to the team he plays for.

On the LeBron-DeShawn feud:

With the thing I said about LeBron, that's the way we do it.  If I feel like he attacked me, I'ma attack him back.  I don't care how big you are.  I feel like he's an awesome player, but I feel like if you attack me, do it like I do it.  Say it out loud.  Don't be one of those scary girls and say it behind closed doors where nobody's going to hear you.  If you don't like something I do, say it out loud so we can deal with it as two men.

On Gilbert's comeback late in the season:

When Gilbert [Arenas] came back for the Playoffs--this is no knock on him--it kind of messed up that rhythm we had going in the regular season.  Gilbert's minutes were limited.  We tried to bring him off of the bench, so we could save him for the fourth, but it was hard to play a type of player like that for 20 minutes.

On Gilbert's decision to opt out (keep in mind that he said this before Gilbert re-signed):

Gil runs that city.  It would be stupid on his part to leave.  You've got a town that's got your back.  To go somewhere else and start over is going to be pretty hard.  You're starting from scratch.  Nobody [else] cares about the game-winners or none of that.

DeMarco Williams did a tremendous job on the article and I encourage everyone to go check it out.  The pics of DeShawn's epic back tattoo are worth the cost of the magazine in and of itself.  Also, the piece provides an important and much needed update on the beard-growing bet between DeShawn and Drew Gooden.