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Things I Learned From Dee Brown's Rap CD

Earlier today, Jake put us onto a listening session of Dee Brown's rap/hip-hop CD, Unwritten, which I'd heard of before, but hadn't heard before.

Since it looks like Illinois' Prince (I wonder why he didn't go with Prince of Illinois, doesn't seem as cumbersome to say...oh well) will be a Washington Wizard, or at least on the summer league squad to start, I decided to take a listen to see what else I could find out about this cat.

Here's what I learned:

  1. Derek Fisher is his "pops."
  2. He has a song called "Feelin' My Swag" -- Gilbert likey.
  3. Hoopin' is his dream AND his other news, Dee Brown loves his job and he loves his sport.
  4. Dee's trainer, the famed Tim Grover, gets a shot-out. I guess he's the Jacob the Jeweler of the basketball-rapper world.
  5. If he ain't in the gym, he's in the club. Uhh....okay.
  6. Music is Dee Brown's outlet.
  7. Dee Brown's mom put some sense into him with that belt.
  8. Dee Brown doesn't cuss except for hell, damn, and ass.
  9. Dee Brown is all for positive music, and not using the 'N' word or downgrading women.
  10. "Heat" rhymes with "feet" and "Suns" rhymes with "son."
  11. He's been hoopin' since 9, reppin' since 17.
  12. Dee Brown is not a battle rapper.
  13. Dee Brown will make you laugh, and he'll do it on purpose.
  14. Dee Brown really loves his momma, as we all should.

Overall, not a bad effort, but far from anything great. On the other hand, Dee Brown's stuff is miles and miles better than a ton of the crap out there....talking about Ying-Yang Twins, Soulja Boy, Gucci Mane, Ron Artest, Young Joc, Chingy, Juelz Santana, etc..

Every song seems to be about ballin' or makin' it (with some love to the ladies on the side, including his momma). I'd like to see some more diverse subject matter. Creative analogies wouldn't hurt fact, I can't even recall a single one being used. It seems more like a mix-tape because the amount of recycled beats. But hey, if this guy sticks around, he may fit right in with this current Wizards team on, and off the court.