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This Could Get Interesting

Like they do for every issue, SLAM has a preview up for what you can expect in the latest edition of the mag.  I mention this because they drop an interesting little tidbit about what you can expect in this issue specifically:

We've got the annual Dome Shots (photos of the year). The imitable Rus Bradburd caught up with Tim Hardaway (who Rus actually coached in college at UTEP). DeMarco Williams hung out with DeShawn Stevenson, and DeShawn showed us his tattoos and let his mouth rip. The Backboard (last page) is by some guy named Kobe Bryant. There's tons of cool kicks and gear, the debut of our newest high school diary keeper, a goodbye letter from Mike James, the usual nonsense from the ABA, a pretty ridiculous poster, and a ton of other dope stuff.

Maybe I'm completely wrong on this, but I've got a feeling that I know where this is going:


At least this time it probably won't involve Soulja Boy and Jay-Z.  They've got their own beefs to deal with.