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You can call Gilbert a lot of things...


You can call him crazy, you can call him a superstar, you can call him a cancer (though it's misguided and incorrect), you can call him quirky, you can call him a multi-faceted, you can call him explosive, and you can even call him a vice-presidential candidate.

Just make sure that you start calling him a free agent.

From the latest Wizards Insider post, you get the feeling from Ivan that Gilbert's going to be staying because he'll be out of the country when free agency starts and he also mentions that Gilbert is "75 percent sure" that he'll be back with the Wizards next season.  Of course, percentages are extremely relative, especially with someone like Gilbert (who if you remember was originally planning on opting out June 30th, then June 20th, and ended up opting out on June 6th) so that could fluctuate quite a bit between now and July 1st.

Now the question becomes, will we still be able to call Gilbert a Wizard next year?