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Will he stay or will he go? Gilbert Arenas


Free agency starts tomorrow, and with it comes the chance that some current Wizards might find new homes this off-season. Today, we give you the chance to weigh in on whether or not you think our free agents will stay in D.C. or be with new teams next season. In our final installment, we'll be taking a look at Gilbert Arenas.

Why he'd stay:

  • Washington loves Gilbert Arenas. Arguably the most popular Washington athlete that isn't a Redskin and one of the NBA's most entertaining players, he's gotten people excited about the Wizards. That's something Michael Jordan (He got people excited about the Michael Jordan experience more than he got people excited about the Wizards, big difference.), Chris Webber, Mitch Richmond, Juwan Howard, and Moses Malone can't say. Unless the Wizards could somehow pull in a player with more star power than Gilbert, most of the fans that Gilbert has drawn to the franchise in the last few years will lose their interest in the team.
  • Roger Mason is 100% sure that he'll back next season.
  • There might be a "secret agreement" that's already in place.
  • The Wizards are the only team that can offer Gilbert a six-year contract, a big sticking point for someone who's looking for commitment in the wake of his knee injuries.
  • As Dan Steinberg put it:

If the Wizards could be a 52-win team without Gilbert, people in this town would saddle up. If they're going to be a 42-win team without him, what's the point? I was in the arena only off-and-on this year, but the most electric moment I saw was Gilbert hopping on the scorer's table before Game 3 at home and waving that towel. Caron has deservedly built a huge local following, but he doesn't cause that silly elation that has washed over large sections of the crowd during Gilbert moments.

Why he'd go:

  • Simply put, Gilbert is crazy. It's a good crazy and it's a fun crazy, but it's still crazy. Since Gilbert is representing himself in negotiatioins, he can follow his gut instincts as far as he wishes to follow them. He could sign with the Wizards for a max deal or he could sign with the Orange County Gladiators for 25,000 a year and it wouldn't surprise anyone.
  • If Ernie doesn't think Gilbert is worth max dollars, there could be some problems during negotiations.
  • Perhaps while he was listening to The Circle of Life on Thursday night, he came to the realization that he needed a change in his life. (Like I said, he's a little crazy.)
  • He fears the backlash from D.C. residents over his new beard.

So do you think we'll see Antawn back next season? With 0 being "I already have my Zero Chance of Coming Back to Washington headline prepared" and 100 being "I have a Gilbert Arenas = Mayor For Life bumper sticker" rank how confident you are that Agent Zero will be back next season.

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