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Will he stay or will he go? Antawn Jamison


Free agency starts tomorrow, and with it comes the chance that some current Wizards might find new homes this off-season. Today, we give you the chance to weigh in on whether or not you think our free agents will stay in D.C. or be with new teams next season. In our first installment, we'll be taking a look at Antawn Jamison.

Why he'd stay:

  • Washington has been good to him. His two All-Star appearances have come as a Wizard and from everything we've seen and heard, he seems to be happy here.
  • Antawn Jamison has been good to Washington. Together with Gilbert Arenas, he's made basketball relevant again in D.C. The free agency market will probably show that he holds more value here than he does anywhere else.
  • Thankfully, that Jamison-to-Greece rumor looks like a dud.
  • Not only have he and Arenas helped make the Wizards more popular, but they've each benefitted from each other's presence. Their unique skill sets make them absolutely deadly as a pick and pop combo.
  • Without Jamison, the chance of the Wizards re-signing Gilbert Arenas decrease dramatically.

Why he'd go:

  • Antawn's not getting any younger, if he doesn't think the Wizards are on the path towards a title, he might decide to sign with a team that has serious title aspirations, even if it means taking a pay cut and less playing time.
  • Greece is a lovely place to live.
  • Jamison doesn't fit the classic power forward profile. If Ernie is looking to shake up the roster, he might see getting a more traditional power forward as a way to improve the team.

So do you think we'll see Antawn back next season? With 0 being "I've already adjusted to living in a world without scoop shots" and 100 being "I just bought season tickets so I could see Jamison dunk on Kevin Garnett again" rank how confident you are that Employee #4 will be back next season.