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Open Thread: The draft

UPDATE: Draft Express calls shenanigans on the Head-and-25-for-18 rumor, but says the pick is very much up for grabs.  Thanks to Jake for the link.

And so it begins.  Draft Day 2008 is finally here.  The rumors keep trickling out, but we're just four hours away from getting all the answers.

This is your official draft thread.  For those who haven't been around for Bullets Forever game threads, they seriously kick ass.  The new platform means that any comments automatically show up on the page.  You don't ever have to click "Refresh" in order to keep up with the conversation.  Just sign on to your computer, open up this post, and watch other people's comments' show up automatically.

I'm definitely going to be around, though I'm having a couple friends over as well.  You all should be here too.

Also, post any pre-draft rumors you here between now and the beginning of the draft.  In his ESPN chat, Chad Ford addressed the rumored trade with the Rockets thustly:

Ken (New Braunfels, TX): Is there any truth to the rumor that the Rockets are trading their pick at 25 along with Luther Head, to the Wizards for their pick at 18??

Chad Ford: The Wizards and Rockets have had talks but nothing is done. I do think the Wizards are trying to move this pick ... they're talking to several teams in the 20s but Rockets look like their best option right now.

For what it's worth, Ford has Marreese Speights falling all the way to 25 in his final mock draft.  If we trade down AND got Speights, it would be beyond awesome.  I doubt he lasts that long, though.

No matter what, it's draft time.  Any predictions on who we pick?   List 'em here.