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Ernie Grunfeld's presser... here, thanks to the official blog.  

He talks about how they've discussed moving up and down in the draft, reiterated that they're taking the "best player available" and said that he felt the team has a good mix of veterans and young guys, making it easier to decide what to do with the pick.

(Boo to Ivan for asking the lead-in question on this subject in the way he did, by the way.  He created an issue from his own subjective brain and posed it to a man much smarter than him.  I don't see anyone else advocating the position that we have too many young guy.  Even if there was another, I have yet to understand for the life of me why having Blatche, Young, McGuire et al in any should determine whether this particular pick is moved.  We have four young guys on our roster who are on rookie contracts.  Boston and the Lakers, by contrast, have five each (Rondo, Davis, Powe, Tony Allen and Pruitt for the Celts, Bynum, Farmer, Vujacic, Turiaf and Koby Carl for the Lakers).  Detroit has four (Stuckey, Afflalo, Maxiell and Cheik Samb), plus Amir Johnson, who is younger than Blatche.  We're not close enough to morgage our future for vets).

Long tangent on something so minor (good reporters do that sometimes, and Ivan is for the most part a good reporter).  Sorry.

Anyway, Ernie did his typical say-nothing-but-smile-earnestly routine, but I think we can take more away from this press conference than usual.  What can we learn from this?

Workouts don't matter: One reporter flat out asked him why they didn't work out Roy Hibbert, and Ernie answered confidently and quickly, saying they'd seen him many times already, that they tried to schedule a workout and didn't, and that workouts don't matter much.  In fact, he said that last line twice.  That's good, because the participants in our workout included an odd mix of players.  Many of the guys in our range (Chalmers, Arthur, Hibbert, Robin Lopez, Rush, etc) didn't even work out for us.  It doesn't mean that we're automatically moving down.

We aren't going Euro: This was probably the part that made me feel best.  Someone asked him about drafting a European, and while Ernie said he wouldn't rule it out, he answered the question mostly by listing the dangers of buyout clauses and the like.  It seems he was shaken by the Navarro situation, and wants to avoid that happening again.  That makes me happy, because we've used the Euro-and-stash strategy way too much recently (Veremeeko, Navarro, Pech, etc). 

We're drafting somebody: It seems we can move down or move up, but I doubt we move out.  The last question posed the possibility of trading the pick for one next year, and Ernie specifically talked about lottery protection on those picks.  Again, maybe he's learned something from Navarro, but that answer doesn't sound like a GM expecting to draft nobody in the first round on Thursday.

From what it seems, Ernie will consider trades, but ultimately stay put and draft BPA.  That's how I think he should approach it, and it seems lots of you feel the same way.  It's easy to misread the guy, so I wouldn't set this in stone, but increasingly this looks like the strategy.

If so, I like it.