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Is it time to cue the conspiracy theories? (Probably not, but please, read on.)

So you might have heard about the "secret agreement" rumor, alleging that Gilbert already has a deal in place with Ernie Grunfeld on a new contract.  At first, this might just seem like one of those rumors you hear from time to time that don't really hold any weight.  But before we dismiss it all as hogwash, let's go back to the end of the season when Caron had this to say about Gilbert and Antawn as they headed to free agency:

I look forward to both of them coming back. Obviously, I don't have that much input but publicly, I'm saying what I'm saying right now. I would love to have them back. I think that will be the case and I'm almost positive that will be the case.

I just have a hunch, a reliable source.

Caron seemed to reinforce the idea that he thought Gilbert and Antawn would be back in a recent interview:

And let's not forget a few weeks ago that Roger Mason said that he was "100% sure" that Gilbert would be back next season.  Now, there's a lot of rational ways that you can explain those quotes away.  Maybe Gilbert has given the team the impression, or bluntly said that he wants to stay.  Maybe in those exit interviews Ernie reassured all the players that he would do whatever it takes to keep him.  Or maybe, just maybe this "secret agreement" was already in place at the end of the season.

I'd put the chances of a secret agreement already being in place at the end of the season at about the same probability as a secret agreement being in place as we speak, which is to say that I highly doubt that a plan has already been made.  But I think there's enough evidence here to at least make you consider it a possibility