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Weekend open thread: Trading down

I haven't done one of these in a while, but with the draft approaching next week, I figured it was a good time.

It's looking like we aren't going to get past the 18th spot on our draft board before the draft (do vote anyway!), which means we haven't really accounted for what happens in the event that Ernie Grunfeld decides to trade down.  This possibility has been hinted at in multiple places, and there are a number of teams looking to move up to the middle of the first round, so it looks like there's at least a chance that something happens.

If we were to move down to the end of the first round/beginning of the second round (aka Sr. Prolopo range), it certainly changes who we can draft.  So I ask you all, who should the Wizards target if they move down into the 25-35 range?  Throw out a bunch of names of players who would be available that could help us.

I'll start with J.J. Hickson from NC State.  He's got good size for a power forward, scores pretty efficiently, rebounds extremely well (top 100 in the country in defensive rebound rate, higher than nearly every big we're considering) and shoots a ton of free throws.  He turns the ball over way too much and he tailed off once the competition got stronger, but he has many of the skills this team lacks.  Additionally, he reportedly impressed during his workout with the team yesterday.

But that's just one guy.  Who else might be a good player to consider if we move down?