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File this under "Gilbertology"

In a move that only signifies that procrastination exists even among the best athletes in the world, Gilbert Arenas told Ivan Carter today that he plans on waiting all the way up to the June 30 deadline to actually file the paperwork.  When asked why, Arenas responded via a text message (I kid you not) that "I just want to wait."

Like Jake, I could totally envision a scenario where Gilbert forgets to file his paperwork by the deadline (a la Anthony Carter) leaving him stuck in his current contract.  Wouldn't THAT be funny? 

In a blog post, Ivan tries to defend Arenas' decision, saying he is in no rush because he doesn't have to opt out.  My response is, if he's so dead-set on opting out, why not just hand in the paperwork right now?  What's the point of waiting?  Sure, he can't sign a new contract until July 1, but surely he can get a head-start in negotiations.  The only reason to wait until the deadline is if Gilbert really is mulling his options, and his language doesn't make it sound like he's doing that.

Truthfully, I'm really intrigued by this behavior because Gilbert actually plans on representing himself in negotiations.  Considering his lack of bargaining power, that might be the stupidest thing in the world for him to do.  Like Brett Edwards wrote on Fanhouse, there's a reason agents exist, and while before it would have been an easy negotiation, now it becomes more difficult considering the knee injury and Gilbert's own comments indicating he might accept less money.  The optimist in me says the Wizards will be too shrewd for him, making him sign a contract far below his market value.  The pessimist in me says that Arenas will be so insulted by Ernie's initial offer that he'll sign elsewhere for far below his market value.  If it's the latter, he wouldn't be the first.

Gilbertology baby.  Gotta love it.