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BF Draft Board: Pick #11

D.J. Augustin secured the 10th spot, leaving us with this:

  1. Derrick Rose
  2. Michael Beasley
  3. O.J. Mayo
  4. Jerryd Bayless
  5. Kevin Love
  6. Brook Lopez
  7. Eric Gordon
  8. Russell Westbrook
  9. Joe Alexander
  10. D.J. Augustin

I have purposely avoided D.J. this entire time because while I feel like he could be successful in certain environments, he'd flounder here because he would never have the ball enough to make the type of plays he'd need to make. I'm also concerned at how well Kansas was able to shut him down this year. He strikes me as a Jameer Nelson type, which isn't terrible, but isn't something this team needs.

Here's the vote for the 11th spot. We're picking tonight in the Ridiculous Upside draft, and Maureese Speights and Brandon Rush are already off the board. Input is appreciated.