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For those clamoring for another big...

Canis Hoopus has a breakdown of several big men available in this draft.   There's a list of several advanced  stats, as well as a table with all their measurements.  I strongly recommend checking it out.

They made this list in order to project if they should go for a big with the third overall pick, but thinking about our position, here's what I think you can take away.

1.  Outside of Kevin Love, Maureese Speights looks good.  He's the third-best rebounder of the group, behind Love and Jason Thompson, who played in a small conference.  He's also a very efficient scorer (62 TS%) with his back to the basket, and that'd add a really nice dimension to our second team.  He doesn't get to the free throw line enough, and he turns the ball over more than I'd like, but his rebounding strength and ability to score efficiently outweigh those concerns.  He's also young, so he might be our best chance of getting a true impact big in the middle of the first round. 

2.  Just say no to Robin Lopez.  His rebounding, which I thought was a strength, is a major red flag, and he turns it over even more than Speights.

3.  Kosta Koufos is a better version of O-Pec.  I'm down on O-Pec's prospects as a player, and Koufos has his strong points, but I'm not sure we should draft a big that duplicates one we already have.  I wouldn't be too upset if we picked Koufos, because those types of centers are useful in our type of offense, but I'd rather we pick a guy with a skill set we don't already have.

4.  Roy Hibbert may be a stiff, but JaVele McGee is much worse.  McGee may have the longest wingspan in the group, but he's also the weakest, and he's not nearly as efficient offensively as Hibbert.  I'd rather have Speights and maybe even Koufos that either of them, but while I'd live with Hibbert, I'd throw a fit if we took McGee.

5.  More Hibbert: One thing is Hibbert's favor is his unbelievably strong assist/turnover rate.  Only David Padgett's is better (and I agree with Hoopus that Padgett would be a great second-round pick), and Padgett doesn't rebound like Hibbert.

6.  Jason Thompson is a darkhorse: All those numbers are against poor competition, but you can't help but think that Thompson looks really good compared to others on this list.  He's also one of the few that Ernie actually worked out (along with Speights).

If we're going for a big, my top choice would probably be Speights.  Hibbert's probably my second choice, followed by Koufos and then Thompson.  Joey Dorsey and Richard Hendrix, two guys that are probably second-round picks at this point, but are productive college players, aren't on this list, but he'd probably be on the same level as Hibbert as far as personal preference.  I'd be very upset with McGee or Lopez. 

Either way, all these guys have flaws.  Expecting any to dramatically alter our frontcourt situation is probably expecting too much.  That's why I think Ernie should consider grabbing someone like CDR, Rush or even Chalmers if they're still on the board.  They may not fill a need, but they'll probably be able to contribute right away, and all are both good fits for the Princeton and strong individual defenders.