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BF Draft Board: Pick #9

Russell Westbrook secured the eighth spot on our draft board, leaving us with this list.

  1. Derrick Rose
  2. Michael Beasley
  3. O.J. Mayo
  4. Jerryd Bayless
  5. Kevin Love
  6. Brook Lopez
  7. Eric Gordon
  8. Russell Westbrook

If Westbrook is as good a defender as his reputation indicates, he'd fit in really well here, in the rare instance that we might move up in the draft. His supposed weakness is his inability to play point guard, but in the Princeton, that's not as big of a deal, since the primary role of the point guard is simply to bring the ball up the court and initiate the offense. Unfortunately, it appears his stock is rising, so we can kiss the dream goodbye. Posting and Toasting has more on Westbrook here.

Below is the vote for the ninth spot. On another note, as mentioned earlier today, the SB Nation mock draft is underway at Ridiculous Upside. The first five picks were Rose (Chicago), Beasley (Miami), Mayo (Minnesota), Gordon (Seattle) and Love (Memphis). We have to have our pick in by 9:30 on Wednesday night (there are no trades this year), so use this space to also advocate for who we should take when our pick comes.