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Hey all you fathers (and sons) out there, hope you have a great father's day today.  I'm pretty sure Caron Butler and many of the residents of Caron's hometown, will be enjoying the day.  Today he's hosting the Caron Butler 3D Explosion Clinic in Racine where kids will get to learn basketball skills from Tough Juice.

You might be wondering why Caron would host an event like this on Father's Day.  Rather than trying to explain it, I'll let Caron do the talking:

"It was intentionally planned for Father’s Day, which ended up working out perfectly with my schedule," Butler said.

Butler said he chose Father’s Day for the event because the day has always meant a lot to him.

"It’s something that always was sentimental in my life and close to my heart," he said. "I was raised without a father so I know the value of having a father. Fathers should be acknowledged and appreciated."

Hopefully all the fathers and sons at the camp and everywhere else keep that in mind today.  Also, let's hope that the Butler family got Caron some nice clothes for Father's Day, because the ensemble he wore to his bike giveaway yesterday could use some work: