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No Your FanShots and FanPosts: 6/14/08

Future Wizard?

Barring some unforeseen event, the main focus of the Wizards right now is going to be staying on those pre-draft workouts.  The Wizards brought in about half-a-dozen players per day for workouts.  Here are some of the big names from each day:

  • Monday: Ty Lawson, DJ White, & Walter Sharpe
  • Tuesday: Mario Chalmers, Chris Douglas-Roberts, Richard Hendrix, & Courtney Lee
  • Wednesday: Deron Washington & Danny Green
  • Thursday: Robert Dozier & Bambale Osby
  • Friday: Josh Duncan, Davon Jefferson, and Sean Singletary
  • Players of note who haven't yet worked out with the Wizards: Roy Hibbert, Javale McGee, Nicolas Batum, Kosta Koufos, Brandon Rush, Robin Lopez, Donte Green, Chase Budinger, James Gist, and Kyle Weaver.

As for the other news of the week...

  • Other than explosive scoring ability, connections to Southern California, what else do Gilbert Arenas and Kobe Bryant have in common?  Shoe influence on their teammates.
  • Rook6980 thinks that Ron Artest might be on his way to the Knicks because of the big city allure.  Why doesn't D.C. have that appeal?  We have monuments!  We have political power!  We have a transient population that likes to waste money on the latest, greatest thing!  And lest we forget, we have Chuck Brown!!!  Why can't we lure the high-end FAs?
  • Of course, one way to get a big name to DC would be involving Gilbert.  Wilbon throws out some trade ideas for the sake of throwing out ideas.
  • As you already know, Tim Russert passed away on Friday and as you probably heard during all the coverage, Tim was a season ticket holder for the Wizards as well as the Nationals.  Here's the statement Abe Pollin released after hearing about Russert's death:

"Irene and I, on behalf of the entire organization, would like to express our profound shock and sadness at the news of the devastating loss of Tim Russert. Tim was a true friend and loyal supporter of our teams and charitable causes throughout the years. He'll be remembered as a great human being, a lover father and family man. We will miss his excitement, enthusiasm and presence on the sidelines of Wizards games. We loved him very much."