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Diamonds in the rough, or no such thing?

Draft Express is beginning to release their annual "Just by the Numbers" draft prospect comparison, starting today with the point guards.  It's a really interesting read for what it's worth.  Obviously, they don't tell you everything about a player, because there's a lot more to everyone than their statistics, even if the statistics are very good.

But taking a look at that list, is there any quantifiable difference between top-tier guys like Derrick Rose, Jerryd Bayless, D.J. Augustin and Russell Westbrook and lower-tier players like Ty Lawson, Mario Chalmers and Lester Hudson?  You could definitely argue that the latter group outperformed the former.  Rose finished no higher than third in any single category, and Westbrook and Bayless came up short in several areas.  Meanwhile, Lawson and Chalmers had seven top-three finishes each, and they played small roles on big-time schools. 

It just goes to show you that the difference between the fifth pick and the 18th pick is terribly small this year.  Ernie Grunfeld should be able to find a solid player if he's smart enough to not trade the pick.