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Pollin': Biggest Shot of the Year

In last week's edition of Pollin', where we asked if you would try to make a move to aquire Rasheed Wallace, we had our narrowest vote to date. By two votes, the majority said no to making a move. While I think most people would look past his faults if he could be acquired without sacrificing much, his salary makes it a tough move to make.

The only trades that would have any chance of working would be this and this. Obviously Detroit wouldn't want to touch Etan's contract, and the Wizards wouldn't want to give up 3 of their 4 best frontcourt players for a one-year rental, so I wouldn't run to the store to get your Wallace #36 Wizard jersey anytime soon.

Now, as promised last week, this week's poll focuses on biggest, non-trick shot of the year. Since Caron's shot to beat the Cavs was already voted as the Play of the Year, it's also out of the running. So essentially, you're voting for the biggest, non-trick, non-playoff shot of the year.

After the jump, a more detailed look at each of the candidates...

Buzz Kill. Antawn will never admit it, but he committed that lane violation to make the ending more dramatic:

The Truth will set you free, but only Tough Juice will get you through the tight moments in life. There's several shots to choose from Washington's big win on the road in Boston, but I'm going to stick with Caron's three point play 1 minute in to this clip together with O-Pec's best Ronny Turiaf impression right after the play:

Just who you'd expect to take the key 3 point shot. Antonio Daniels???

Just call him the advice man. Antawn Jamison, always there for a friendly tip: