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No Your FanShots & FanPosts: 6/1/08


As the calendar turns to June, all the buzz in the NBA is about the return of the league's biggest rivalry to its biggest stage.  If I had to choose right now, I'd say Celtics in 7, but I've been known to make predictions contrary to popular opinion for the sake of being contrary to popular opinion, so take it for what it's worth.  Now, onto the links:

Eddie actually was a pretty good NBA defender, though not great. He wasn't big enough to be an elite defender, but he was very quick, and he was a terrific ball hawk...Among players 6-2 or shorter (Eddie is 6-1), Eddie is 5th in career blocks per minute. That's 5th most in blocks per minute since the league began tracking blocked shots 30+ years ago. In 78-79, he led 6-2 and under players in blocks per minute. He's #1 in career steals per minute among players 6-2 or shorter. Defensively, he was more than adequate -- his problem was on the offensive end.