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Ernie talks, no response from Bert

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Like most postseason press conferences, there weren't any bombshells, but there was some interesting tidbits from Ernie's little chat Thursday afternoon.  Let's start with the big stuff and work are way down.

The core is staying put: Ernie Grunfeld more or less squashed any doubt that he's thinking about a shakeup.  He said he has no plans on making a coaching change, and it looks like he wants to keep the Big 3 together as well:

Our intent all along has been to have both of those players back and to keep our core together. And at the appropriate time, we'll sit down with both of those parties and see what we can work out. We're going to be fair with our players. These players have done a lot for our franchise and we hope to have them here for a very long time.

Granted, Antawn could still end up deciding that he's got a better shot at winning a title somewhere else and Gilbert is liable to do just about anything, so it's definitely not written in stone that they'll both be back at this point, but it seems very likely.

Roger on the other hand...: If you were hoping that you'd see Roger Mason back with the Wizards next season, don't get your hopes up.  Here's what he had to say about the Potomac Rainmaker:

We'd love to have Roger back. I don't know yet. We'll have to wait and see how everything develops from a financial standpoint. ... But we are pretty loaded at that 2-guard position.

Translation: We like Roger, but Nick Young isn't going to get a chance to participate in the Slam Dunk Contest if Roger is eating up all of his minutes.

If you were planning on buying that Brook Robin Lopez jersey, you're probably going to end up disappointed: All 3 reports mention that Grunfeld is open to trading the #18 pick, if the right offer comes along.  In other words, he's saying, "No more locker room re-arrangments, please."  With Young, McGuire, Pecherov, and the still youthful Blatche on the squad, the lack of young legs isn't going to be a concern next season.  Look for Ernie to either swap the pick for some veteran help, or for future draft considerations.  I'm not sure which of the two he's looking for, but I'm pretty sure he'll find it, based on this quote from Ivan:

Grunfeld is one of the most aggressive GM's in the business. When he wants something, he will keep calling you and calling you until he gets what he wants.

I'd hate to be Ernie's pizza guy.