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Pollin': Play of the Year

The Wizards might not produce the number of highlights that you'd see with teams like Phoenix and Denver and Golden State, but there were still a lot of great plays from this season from several different players

Which one stands out above the rest? After the jump, a better look at each of the top play candidates...


No voting for Ramon.

1. That's one way to start the season. Gilbert sends the first game of the season into OT with this buzzer beating three-pointer:

2. The waiters and waitresses love Antawn! You would too if he left tips like this:

3. King me. Like Dwight Howard's Superman dunk, here Caron's hand never actually touches the rim here. Yet, the lack of hand-to-rim contact does nothing to diminish either play:

4. We are all witnesses. LeBron James, say hello to Nick Young:

5. Dagger! Probably the only time you'll hear "DeShawn Stevenson" and "apropos" in the same sentence:

6. Solar eclipse. When people talk about Andray Blatche's potential, this is one the plays they point to:

7. If this had happened during the playoffs, it probably would've been a flagrant foul. Well, that's what Richard Jefferson would try to argue:

8. Just a couple of 30-somethings going at it. Antawn Jamison blows by Kevin Garnett and finishes strong at the rim:

9. Tough Juice to the rescue. Caron brings it back to D.C. one last time:

10. Other (please specify in the comments). Danny Granger's "bullseye" on Antawn Jamison is not an acceptable answer:

There are your choices, the poll runs until May 13th. Vote or die!