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No Your FanPosts & FanShots: Cinco De Mayo Edition!

If you've been checking out Bullets Forever lately, you've probably noticed that we've been using the FanShot feature a lot.  The FanShot is basically a quick hit post to a link, picture, video, etc. and it works out great for us because a lot of times there's news that's worth relaying but doesn't really constitute an entire post. The only drawback is that if you only read Bullets Forever through your RSS reader, than you're not getting these FanShots in your reader.  So in order to catch you up on any news that you might have missed, here's a round up of all the FanShots FanPosts from the past few weeks

If you want to subscribe to the FanShots you can do that by clicking here, although we have to throw out the disclaimer that anyone can post a FanShot, so you can't say you weren't warned beforehand.  Also, you can now also subscribe to the FanPosts (formerly the diaries), with the same disclaimer in effect.

Let's start this with some links from the links from the playoff series (which already seems like it was a month ago):

Now let's check out some links as we head into the off-season:

I look forward to both of them coming back. Obviously, I don't have that much input but publicly, I'm saying what I'm saying right now. I would love to have them back. I think that will be the case and I'm almost positive that will be the case.

I just have a hunch, a reliable source.