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Flopping? Blame it on Mike Riordan.

You might have heard that next year the NBA is looking into fining players for flopping.  There's still lots of questions about how effective the fines will be in curbing the flopping epidemic, but everyone appears to be in favor of the league trying to do something, especially Sheed.

What's been lost in all of the cheering of the new rule and the simulatneous taunting of Manu Ginobili is the real root of the problem.  To do that, we need to take the time machine back, way back to the 1970's.  Red Auerbach had hung it up as a coach and was strictly focusing on managing the Celtics and teaching young kids how to play basketball on TV,  the Bullets were getting closer and closer to that elusive title, and gas was only 50 cents a gallon.

Then Mike Riordan came in and messed it all up!



Then again, if players flopped like Mike Riordan did in that clip, refs would have no problem figuring out what's a flop and what isn't.