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Pollin': Trick Shot of the Year

In last week's edition of Pollin' Antonio Daniels ran away as the choice for which Wizard would be the most likely to be a future coach, taking 35% of the vote. Antawn Jamison (20%), Oleksiy Pecherov (Rock the vote! 12%), and Caron Butler (11%) followed in order.


During Ivan and Mike's weekly WaPo chat (HT: WRG), Ivan Carter threw out a darkhorse candidate to become a coach one day:

Washington, DC: Ivan and Mike, what current NBA players do you think would make good coaches down the line? I think you’ve mentioned Antonio as a guy with aspirations—what about Antawn?

Ivan Carter: Antonio could do it but he’s told me that he has no interest in doing so. Antawn would be driven nuts by the lack of focus and drive exhibited by some players. No way I see him dealing with that. You know who would be a surprisingly good coach? Brendan Haywood.

I know some of you are probably thinking "What? Our Brendan Haywood? The one that gets in fights with Etan Thomas and throws hissy fits when Nick Young steals his Capri Sun?" and I understand that viewpoint. But let's not forget that Haywood used to be a TV analyst for the Mystics for a few years, so he knows his stuff. Granted, I can't say that I know that from actually watching Mystics games, but I'm assuming that he was competent. (If anyone did watch, can you tell me if Brendan wore his headband during telecasts? Thanks.)

As weird as it sounds to say, I think Brendan might have more potential as an WNBA coach than a NBA coach. I don't really have any factual evidence to support that claim, but as you're reading this you're probably sitting back and thinking "You know, I could see that happening," so there has to be some truth in that somewhere. He wouldn't be the first NBA player to go into WNBA coaching. Bill Laimbeer, Michael Cooper, and Tree Rollins all had successful careers in NBA before coaching In the WNBA.

Now for this week's poll, you have to decide what the best trick shot of the season was. Here we're looking less at the importance of the score and more at the degree of difficulty. After the jump, we'll take a deeper look at your choices...

Caron's scoop and hoop. He'll probably try and say that he practices this shot, but we all know that's a lie:

Look Ma, one hand! If we were looking for the best shot that didn't count, this one would win hands down:

"If you practice it, it's a quality shot." Speak on, Gilbert:

Watch me lean: About 45 second into this clip, you'll see Jamison's leaning 3 pointer where he was trying to draw a foul (second time is the charm!) but he got the three to go anyway:

There are your choices. I get the feeling I'm missing one, so I'm putting the "other" option out there if there's something I've forgotten. However, don't include game-tying or game-winning shots in this discussion, since we're saving those for next week.