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The BF Draft Board: Pick 1

The draft is only about a month away (I know, comes quickly), and while it's entirely possible we trade our pick, we should also have an idea of what this team needs with the 18th pick.

To do so, of course, we'd have to create a draft board. That process begins with this post and will continue throughout the month. At the beginning, it might seem kind of silly, because we aren't getting anywhere near the top picks, but there's always a chance we move up, and even if we didn't, we have to be prepared in case somebody slides.

As a reminder, this is the draft board for the Wizards specifically. That means that we should rank the prospects as to how they would fit with the Wizards, and not necessarily as to their talent level. Obviously, Derrick Rose and Michael Beasley will be at the top of any team's board, but once you get closer to 18, there might be a discrepancy between fit and pure talent. If you don't think so, that's okay, but keep in mind that we're not making a board of who we like best; we're making a board of who we think the Wizards would like best.

We'll start at the top. Suppose the Wizards traded Eddie Jordan to Chicago for the number one pick. Who would fit this team best?

Poll below. Use the comments section to deliberate, but use the poll to vote, unless you're voting for "other."