We need a offseason shakeup not breakup

I think we should resign Arenas & Jamison , trade and draft some defensive roll players... i got three trades that i think could help the Wizards & draft picks

1)Wizards trade Etan Thomas, DeShawn Stevenson maybe 09 2nd pick   to the Bulls for Larry Hughes (Larry can create his own shot plus he play good defense and next to Gilbert again maybe he can return to his old form)

2)Wizards trade Darius Songaila, Roger Mason (s&t) to the Knicks for Jared Jeffries ( Jared is 6'11 sg/sf/pf a very versitle defensive player that we miss, plus i remember the good defense he played on Labron  James in the 06 playoffs

3)Wizards trade Antonio Daniels, Oleksiy Pecherov, Memphis 1st to Memphis for Kyle Lowry, Brian Cardinal ( 22 old Lowry is a strong fast true pg, he really hustles on defense and has alot of passion for the game, he can provide a ben gordan type of spark off the bench )

DRAFT Roy Hibbirt (7'2 280, 4 years of college, he is nba ready smart big man) he is a solid backup C, very safe pick  or if Marreese Speights, Joe Alexander, Darrell Arthur or Donte Greene are there then then that would be a better pick too

With the 2nd pick someone like James Gist, Othello Hunter or Joey Dorsey might be there too (those PF's are strong athleticly gifted guys, they can pound and slam the ball in the post, come up with hard rebounds, basicly out hustle most other players in the post, lots of energy)  hopefully one can provide a Jason Maxiell type of game for us


WIZARD 08/09 season roster
PG- Gilbert Arenas - Kyle Lowry - FA
SG- Larry Hughes - Nick Young - FA combo guard
SF- Caron Butler - Jared Jeffries - Dominic McGuire
PF- Antawn Jamison - Andray Blatche - Brian Cardinal 

C - Brendan Haywood - Roy Hibbirt (18th pick)   2nd round PF



We would have 4 guys that could drop 20 points a night,  i think we would be the highest scoring team in the nba .... and still have a good group of defensive guys to put in the mix ... also a very deep bench that could provide alot of high energy it would be a good shake up for the team, that would not mess up the chemestry Hughes and Jeffries know the system very well

Hughes, Cardinal & Lowry have 2 years left
Jeffries has 3 years left

Etan & Daniels have 2 years left
Songaila, Deshawn & Pecherov have 3 years

we would have shorter contracts and would save like 5 million in 2010 off season

let me know what u guys think

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