NY1's Lottery Mock Draft

So far I've just done the lottery, obviousely this is very preliminary and is subject to change but I want to see people's opinions on it.

[b]1. Chicago - Derrick Rose[/b]

Clearly the two choices are Beasley and Rose for the #1 overall pick, Chicago could either give up on Drew Gooden, Joakim Noah and Tyrus Thomas who are filling the PF rotation at this point and bring in Beasley or they move Hinrich who does have value in the market and bring in Rose.  Bringing in Rose gives the Bulls a flexebility they have not had in the past and will lay the groundwork for their plans this off-season and in the future.

[b]2. Miami - Michael Beasley[/b]

No brainer here, Miami gets the second of the two draft prizes.
3. Minnesota - OJ Mayo[/b]

Rashad McCants isn't showing signs of being a scoring option in the NBA, I see him as a 6th man through his career.  Meanwhile, Mayo is a guy who's not afriad to take shots and gives Minnesota a guy on the perimiter to compliment Al Jefferson in the low post.  As we saw with New York this past season, two big men scoring options isn't always the best idea.  Mayo has a scorers mentality and that will make him very valuable.

[b]4. Seattle - Jerryd Bayless[/b]

Seattle's got three players who look like keepers: Kevin Durant, Jeff Green, and Chris Wilcox.  Bayless is a terrific point guard who can really help those three guys on the basketball court.  Personally, if I'm a Sonics fan, I wouldn't have alot of confidence in Luke Ridnour and although they're also in need of another big I don't believe that Lopez or Gallinari will have the kind of impact Bayless will have on a team.
5. Grizzlies - Brook Lopez[/b]

Grizzlies need a big man who's capable of being effective on both ends of the floor.  Lopez will be a valuable smart basketball players through his career and can fill the gap at PF for the Grizzlies instantly.  However, due to not being a terrific athlete I can't see him being an all-star caliber player unless he perfects his low post game.

[b]6. Knicks - DeAndre Jordan[/b]

At first I was reluctant to have the Knicks pick a big man because the Randolph/Curry disaster this past season but it's pretty obvious that one if not both those slim centers will be gone this off-season.  DeAndre Jordan is a very athletic center who can run the floor and will fit into Mike D'Antoni's system well, I see this being a good fit.
7. Clippers- Eric Gordon[/b]

Very explosive shooting guard who has a similar playing style to a healthy Gilbert Arenas.  This does, however, include problems with shot selection and being undersized.  Although he's definitely a better defender than Arenas, he's not anything special on the defensive end.  The Clippers need a perimiter player who will score the basketball.  The chances of Correy Magette are slim to none so the need for a guy who can create his own shot is big and Gordon could end up being better than alot of people predict.

[b]8. Bucks- Danillo Gallinari[/b]

Milwaukee has a pressing need at the SF position.  Although Gallinari is a risk, I would want to take a risk with a late lottery pick. 
9. Bobcats - Kevin Love[/b]

Very talented PF, I believe it was Jay Bilas who said he was similar to Wes Unseld except with a three point jumper.  In Charlotte he would help create a powerhouse front court with Wallace and Okafor.
10. Nets - Anthony Randolph[/b]

A 5'11" athletic big who runs the floor and can play the center position would be great in New Jersey.  They would have a very athletic front court with Sean Williams, Richard Jefferson, and Randolph.

[b]11. Pacers - DJ Augustin
I'm hearing alot about Indiana getting rid of Jamaal Tinsely this summer due to his off-court problems.  Augustin is a terrific point guard who can push the pace and would fit in well in Indiana.  He'd be a terrific replacement and an upgrade over Tinsley.

[b]12. Kings - Russel Westbrook[/b]

The Sacramento Kings already have a very crowded front court but could use some additions to their back court.  Westbrook is one of those guys who you love to have coming off the bench.  He's extremely athletic and definitely understands the team concept due to his previous experience in Kansas.

[b]13. Portland - Joe Alexander[/b]

Hard working scorer off the bench can help anyone out.  He has a terrific jumper and could be valuable in the future on a squad that will probably be in the upper echelon of the NBA in only one or two more seasons.

[b]14. Golden State - Kosta Koufos[/b]

There's a very high possibility that Biedrins leaves this team in the off-season and in that case the Warriors are left with a gap at the center position.  Although I do not know whether Koufos could be a starter in the NBA as a rookie, it certainly puts them in a much better position having him on board.  However, this 14th spot is very hard to predict.  With all this news of Baron opting out, It's likely that the Warriors decide to head in another direction and blow the whole thing up.  Only time will tell.


This is the first mock draft I've ever done, C&C please.

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