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Too much for a FanShot, but...

While I was finishing up duties at school, Truthaboutit posted two outstanding breakdowns of the Wizards' offense and defense on his site.  Be sure to check them out.  Here's the link for the offense breakdown, and here's the link for the defense breakdown.

I'm posting the other parts of the roundtable tonight, then we'll start with player evaluations.  A question for you guys: would you rather we go in alphabetical order, order of importance (either ascending or descending), or another order entirely?  I  mean, I'm totally down with going in alphabetical order by middle name. 

Back later, but in the meantime, I'm not happy to see Chicago win the lottery.  Add Rose or Beasley to that group--remember, they won 49 games two years ago--and they're  major threat in the East.  May the Kirk Hinrich derby begin!