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Pollin': Best Potential Coach

With a whopping 62% of the vote, Brendan Haywood was selected as the Wizards' Most Improved Player this season. In honor of his selection, here's some Tarheel-on-Tarheel action as Haywood blocks Vince Carter:

Roger Mason finished 2nd with 18%, Caron and DeShawn finished 3rd and 4th respectively.

This week, the question to ponder is "Which current Wizard would make for the best head coach?" I got the idea from a post from Brian Scalabrine J.E. Skeets on Ball Don't Lie, who bounced some ideas for some players from around the NBA who would make for good NBA coaches, including Derek Fisher, Sam Cassell, Darrell Armstrong, and Antawn Jamison.

I think Jamison has what it takes to be a good head coach someday, although for some reason I get the feeling he'd rather coach in the college ranks than he would in the NBA, but that's just a gut feeling.

Antonio Daniels is another name that gets bounced around as a potential coaching candidate that gets bounced around a lot. If nothing else, I think he'd have an advantage since it seems like veteran backup point guards almost always end up as coaches in one form or another.

I think it's safe to guess that Jamison and Daniels will gather the most votes this week, but don't look over some of the other players on the team. Etan Thomas certainly has the IQ to be a good head coach someday. It might be a little weird to see some 50 year old guy in dreadlocks writing poetry on the sidelines, but it could work. How about Gilbert Arenas? The offense might be a little unconventional, but you know that they'd be practicing it at each of the 5 daily practices the team would have.

As always, the choice is yours. And since this is strictly a hypothetical question, any line of reasoning to come to your answer is acceptable. Vote away!